Trump Twitter Tantrum (Part 2)

March 6, 2017

So we’re one day past Trumps Twitter Tantrum. But we’re already behind…

  • If you have not read my first post on the subject you can find it here.
  • And also a briefer timeline here.

So, now that your all caught up…
Let’s get to Sunday. March 5, 2017
Spicer made a formal announcement on Twitter. He doesn’t seem to know how to thread his tweets yet. So it took four separate tweets to get his message out.

So this Russian Investigation will not be commented on by the White House or the President until the congressional intelligence committees determine whether Obama abused is Executive level Investigation authority…

This seems to be the classic example of a red herring. In fact this whole presidency is full of red herrings. Instead of answering the questions. That the American people deserve answered about Trump and his campaign’s connection with Russia and its agents.

Trump and his crew are pointing the finger at someone else. Crying out that Obama wire trapped the Trump tower. When there is NO evidence of such.

Which always leads me to the question.

What are you trying to hide?

These tweeets have been deleted. But Roger Stone a long time Trump advisor was also pushing this Wiretapping scenario on Twitter…

And as you can see he was not friendly to anyone who questioned him.

Remember, you might delete the tweets Roger, but screen shots live forever. 

By Sunday afternoon FBI director Comey asked The Justice Department to reject Trumps wire tapping my claim. A story was promptly leaked to the New York Times. (Perhaps by Comey himself)

NYT: Comey request Department of Justice to refute wire tapping claims.

Just to reiterate this in plainer English.

The Director of the FBI has called the sitting President a liar.

As of Monday March 6th, 2017 the Department of Justice has not responded to Comey’s request.

But we did wake up to this piece in the Opinion section of the New York Times.

On Monday morning the President and his team made no comment on this issue.

Instead a new Immigration Executive order has been signed…

Meanwhile. America is more divided than ever in my lifetime…

But I do have a dream…


A Quick Trump Timeline

March 6, 2017

My Blog Post “The Trump Twitter Tantrum of March 4, 2107 is full of links, and references. But here’s a quick timeline of the Trump Russian connection (and stuff I associate with it)

if you want to read the full blog post you can find it here. 

  • November 10, 2016Trump Spokesperson denies any and all communication with Russia from Trump Campaign. 
  • January 10, 2017 Russian Dossier aka Golden Showers Scandal Hits.
  • January 11, 2017 Trump Calls CNN Fake News at First Press Conference. 
  • January 22, 2017Kelly Ann Conway introduced concept of “Alternatvive Facts” 
  • January 27, 2017Muslim Ban… I mean travel Ban was introduced.
  • February 3, 2017 Kelly Ann invents Bowling Green Massacre to defend Travel Ban. 
  • February 13, 2017 – Michael Flynn – Head of Trump Resigns. 
  • February 14, 2017Trump started complaining about leaks.
  • February 16, 2017 Trumps surreal press conference
  • February 16, 2017Trump declares mainstream media the enemy of the American People. 
  • February 18, 2017Held Campaign rally in Melbourne Florida.
  • February 19-22, 2017Angry Town Halls are being reported on across the country. 
  • February 21, 2017 Trump accuses Town Hall attendees of all being “Liberal Activists” 
  • February 24, 2017Spicer holds invite only “News Gaggle” Does not invite many news organizations. Including. New York Times, Politoco, Buzz Feed, & BBCThe one thing they have in common? Printing stories on the Trump Russian connection.
  • February 26, 2017Spicer confiscates own staffs phones in leak crackdown.
  • February 27, 2017Even President Bush speaks out on Trump Russian Connection.
  • March 2, 2017 Sessions recused himself from all investigations involving The 2016 presidential campaign. 
  • March 4, 2017Trump has a early morning Twitter Tantrum accusing Obama of wire tapping his phones…(With no proof except some Breitbart article)

The Trump Twitter Tantrum of March 4, 2017 (Part One)

March 5, 2017

Saturday morning the Twitterverse woke up to what I like to call a “Trump Twitter Tantrum”

Here… You can read it for yourself.


(I really enjoy that typo in the last one, but I digress.)

The media’s response to this has pretty much been:

Ok… I’m paraphrasing

So let’s break the history of this down a bit.. Come on it’s fun… And maybe trying to make some sense of the last few months madness will help me stay sane. 

First let’s time travel back to November…
You know, back when Trump’s camp denied ANY contact between members of Trumps campaign and Russia.

ABC News-Russia eyes better ties with Trump; Says contacts underway 👀

Ok… Seems pretty straight forward… No communication means they didn’t have contact…

oh wait… I forgot… Nothing is straight forward when it comes to Trump and his ragged crew of misfits…

On January 10th, 2017 The entire world was rocked by the Russian Dossier Scandal. Or as some may prefer to call the Golden Showers Scandal.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget the day I saw that #GoldenShowers was trending number one on Twitter. I laughed. I cried. I marveled at the hypocrisy…

BuzzFeed- Golden Showers Article

There were a lot of allegations in that infamous dossier. The most notorious of which is essentially sensational click bait, but many of which merit serious investigation

Guardian – Russian Trump Dossier rings frighteningly true.

And it seems to bear mentioning that the ex CIA agent Christoper Steele felt compelled to flee for his life, after it came out that he complied the dossier.

Daily Mail – Ex M16 Spy Flees Home Fearing Life

I really hope the cat is doing ok.

As of March 2,2017 he’s still on the run.  In fact if you see him, could you tell him that the US Senate is looking for him?

NYDailyNews-Senate wants Steele to Testify on Dossier

This is what a spy looks like. 😎

Donald of course had a very well thought out, and eloquently executed reply. 🙄

And then proceeded to Call CNN Fake news at his first press conference as President Elect On January 11, 2017

New York Times Video – Trump Calls CNN Fake News

This is actually the new defining moment of what “Fake News” actually meant. We may not have known it at the time but this is when Fake News became anything that

  • Trump didn’t want to hear. 
  • Or that Trump didn’t want us to hear.   

From the very first moment of Trumps Presidency they started  claiming Fake News.

  • Trumps inaugural crowd being small than Obama’s? FAKE NEWS!

VOX- Trump supporters claim inauguration photo fake newsI’m sure ya’ll remember the contentious photograph that started the whole thing.

On January 22, 2017 the world was rocked by Miss Kelly Ann Conway introducing us to the cutting edge concept of “Alternative Facts”

Kelly Ann Conway on Meet the Press

On January 27, 2017 Trump unveiled his Muslim Ban… I mean… Travel Ban.

Trump looking all Executive like.

CNN – Trump Travel Ban: What You Need to Know.

So on Febuary 3, 2017 Miss Conway decided to up the anti, and come up with some alternative facts of her own. Despite the fact that it never happened. No one is going to forget The Bowling Green Massacre

WP – Kelly Ann Conway Bowling Green Massacre

Things started really heating up on Febuary 13, 2017 when the nation received an early Valentine’s Day gift and Trumps National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was forced to to resign.

NYT – Flynn Resigns

Or was he fired? It’s hard to keep the stories straight with this administration. 🤔

 Article- The White Hoises rapidly shifting story on Flynn

Either way, it’s clear that Flynn discussed the sanctions.

WP-Flynn discussed sanctions, dispite denial.

And he was having contact with Kislyak before the November 8th election.

Flynn didn’t just lie to the American people about whether he spoke to Russian officials regarding the sanctions imposed by Obama. Apparently he lied to Vice President Pence as well. This apparently was the straw that broke the camels back.

Politico – Pence was told Flynn didn’t discuss sanctions.

NYT – Flynn is said to have talked to Russians about Sanctions before Trump took Office.

So we all said Good Bye to Michael Flynn. 👋🏻 But it seemed that Trump was more concerned with the leaks than with Flynn departure.

What leaks you wonder? Oh you know. The News is Fake, but the leaks are real leaks.  (I’m pretty sure this is an example of an Alternatve fact) But Trump’s been really upset about all the leaks since Flynn Resigned.

We’ll get back to these pesky leaks…

Trump and his camp were not happy with the media breaking this story. Trump’s minions were not able to control the conversation the way they had only a week or so before.

So on February 16, 2017 Trump held his own press conference. Theoretically this press conference was to name his new labor secretary, R. Alexander Acosta. But Acosta was not present, and much of the press conference was spent on Trump criticizing the media, and complaining about the leaks.

Many called Trumps first solo press conference “surreal” I am inclined to agree…

Zero Hedge – Surreal Press Conference

By the next day, February 17, 2017 Trump upped the anti on the “FAKE NEWS” accusations. And declared the mainstream media the enemy of the American people… In a Tweet of course. 😒

So what happened then? Well Trump did what any self respecting freshly inaugurated, (less than a month in office) would do… He held a campaign rally….

On February 18, 2017 Trump went to down to Melbourne Florida, and proceeded to gaslight himself into believing that he was beloved by the people… You know if the people are handpicked supporters to attend his “Private Rally”

There were many articles written on this, I wrote another blog post regarding the Sweden Incident he brought up here. But I find this one the most compelling. It contains a first hand Facebook account by a local pastor who attended the event named Joel Tooley. He is a Lead Pastor at Melbourne First Church of the Nazarene, and I have included the screen shots from his personal Facebook here, so you can read his first hand account yourself.

WP – ‘Demonic Activity Palpable’ at Trump Campaing Rally pastor says. 

Meanwhile Republican Senators and Congressmen were being bombarded by angry voters accross the country at town hall meetings.

CNN – Town Halls Demands
There are so many videoes from these town all meetings. But I this woman yelling at Mitch McConnell is still my favorite.

Trump response? Well… I’ll just show you the tweet. (It’s easier)

Unfortunately it appears that the answer to that question above seems to be. No… No he doesn’t.

You can read my Blog Post:Yes… The Resistance is Organized for more of my thoughts on all of this.

But no time to dwell on angry town hall meetings right now. Because Trump wasted no time in deliver dealt his next blow in his attack on out Free Press

In Febuary 24, 2017 Sean Spicer hosted a News “gaggle” In which several notable Press agencies were not invited. These include.

  • CNN
  • The New York Times
  • Politico
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Buzzfeed
  • & The BBC

Cameras were not allowed at this Gaggle, but this article contains a full audio recording of what was discussed.

WP-New York Times and Others Barred from White House Briefing

It is pretty clear that the organization not invites were the ones who were aggressively addressing Trumps’s Russian connections.

Shareblue: Every outlet banned is chasing stories in Trump Russia ties

They tell reporters at this gaggle that the FBI have refuted parts of their reports. But the FBI have made no such official statement.

CNN – FBI refused white household to knock down recent Trump stories

Hmmmm… This dang Russian thing just won’t go away…. 🤔

On February 26, 2017 Spicer shook down his own staff’ phones, reportedly looking for leaks.

Politico- Spicer targets own staff in leak crackdown

And on Febuary 27, 2017 Even President Bush had something to say about the whole Trump Russia thing. Saying that we all deserve answers. I never thought I’d feel nostalgic about “Ole W” But I appreciated him taking that public stance.

George Takei offered these apt words on the subject.

Business Insider – President Bush Speaks Out

On Febuary 28, 2017 Trump gave his most presidential speech yet at his first Presidential Address to Congress.

He even brought out a grieving widow. In what could be interpreted as a contrived and manipulated way to use someone grief to your advantage. I almost included a photo of said widow, but decided against it. Her grief was authentic, and I’m very sorry for her loss.

NYT – Full Congressional Speech Transcript & Video

However, this shining Presidential moment did not prevent this Sessions headline from breaking on March 1, 2017 

While Session maintains that he did nothing wrong, he recused himself from all investigations relating to the 2016 presidential campaign by March 2, 2017.

WP – Sessions Puzzling Press Conference

Trumps response (via Twitter of course) was calm, reasonable, and on point, as always.

Dang… Those Damn leaks… Again!!!

Those leaks are telling the media something that is actually kinda obvious if you keep up with the mans twitter feed.

Trump’s pissed off. Or as this report to aptly put it. “He went ballistic”

ABC- Trump Flashes Anger at Sessions Reccusal & ongoing Russian Stories

Which brings us full circle to the Twitter Tantrum of  March 4, 2017… I’m going to continue this discussion in my next blog post. But now you’re up to date.

(To be continued…)

Yes… The Resistance is Organized

February 27, 2017

I keep hearing Republicans dismissing Town-Hall protests as a “organized” as though this should someway negate the authenticity of them. 
So let’s just get straight to the point. 

  • Yes The Resistance is organized. 
  • Yes we have scripts that help us stay on target with our message. 
  • Yes we are planning our actions and coming together to remind the GOP policy makers that we are not a silent minority. But, rather a very vocal and very present constitutency that exists in all districts across the country. 
  • We’re organizing because we are serious. We are are organizing because we care. We are organizing because it’s what must be done in times like these. 

Our so-called president calls us “Liberal Activists” and “Sad!”

Well… If that final word of Trump’s tweet is his attempt to define the nature of said tweet, then I’m inclined to agree. 

  • Trumps tweet is very, very sad. 

He seems to have forgotten one very important thing… These liberal activists are also American Citizens. Citizens who are concerned for the state of this country. And the direction it’s going. 
While many issues are being brought up at these townhalls, there seems to be one extremely prevalent theme. 

  • Having a valid replacement for Obamacare before repealing it. 

I think this video of Mitch McConnell’s town hall may be my favorite. 
Give the link a click to watch. It’s worth it just to hear her say if he answers her question she’ll “sit down, and shut up. Just like Elizabeth Warren.”👇🏻

Mitch McConnell facing Angry Constituent (click link to view)

I also really enjoyed this video. As Senator Grassley greets this “liberal activist” like an old friend. 👇🏻

Senator Grassley Townhall (Click link to view)

Many republicans are responding by taking the cowards way out and cancelling town halls. 

Washington Post article: GOP chaotic town hall fix is to not have them. (Click link to view)

Like Rep John J. Duncan who is calling his constituents names like “Extremists, Kooks, Radicals, and Sore Losers”

I personally think there is another far more appropriate description for these town hall protestors. 

They are American Citizens who are using the sources available to them to try and make their voices heard in this representational government we call American Democracy. They are American Patriots.

In the words of one of the Greatest Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin: “It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.”

Of course not all Republicans are dodging Townhalls, and insulting their constituents. Kudos to all the Republican Senators and Congressmen who are still holding and conducting town hall meetings. While it may not be easy to face to people who are not happy with you it makes us all respect you more. Our politics may not match but at least you are facing the people. That is to be commended. 
And here’s the thing…
The so-called president may bluster, and the congressmen may complain that doing their job got harder, but The Resistance is being felt across the country. 

The public outcry of needing a valid replacement before the repeal of Obamacare is being heard. And it is causing many members of congress to hesitate instead of simply following the party line on this issue.

GOP admit The Resistance is working (Watch video by clicking link)

And impacted they should be. They have been elected to represent The People. And the People are speaking. We are The Resistance… and we’re just getting started. 

The silver lining of this last election is that it woke many of us up to the fact that we can not remain passive bystanders in our government. Election Day is not the beginning and end of our responsibilities as American Citizens. If we want a system that we can be proud of, then it’s time for us to start getting involved in the system. And this includes letting our representatives hear our voices every day of the year. 

 Becoming more involved in your local and Federal government makes you nothing except an active engaged and responsible citizen. If there was ever a time to resist it is now. Even if your politics do not agree with my own I urge everyone to become more involved. 

An active and engaged people who truly care about this country is the only thing that has any hope of steering this country out of this mess. Midterm elections are always just around the corner…. and the congressmen know it. 

Click the links for help and advice on how to get involved. Cause getting organized is the only way to get anything done.

Anaheim Shooting 

February 25, 2017

Off Duty Cop pulls gun after kids tresspasssd on his lawn. Weapon was discharged, but luckily no one was injured. 

Watch the video 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Facebook Video Link

This is not a censored as seen on the news video, but one posted to the Facebook page of one of the people present at the incident.

I feel sick watching this video. I just don’t understand this pathetic excuse for a man. Or how he could feel justified in this reaction & behavior.
It does not seem anything was stolen or damaged. They trespassed on his property. (Per the mans accusation in the video) So essentially some kids walked on his lawn…
It seems that it started when the man yelled obscenities at a young girl while telling her to get off his lawn. And the kid he grabbed said something back? This part is not shown of course. But that is the story told. The gun wielding man denies it in the video, but given his gross over reaction of the situation I don’t find him a reliable source… Of course I don’t know., but the video does show me this.
This video starts on the sidewalk, and the man drags the kid accross a driveway, a lawn, and then across that hedge over to another driveway/ property. So my question is which property does the man with the gun own? Did he intentionally drag that kid back to his property Before pulling out his weapon?

I guess it’s ok for him to trespass on others property in order violently manhandle a kid?

You can hear that off duty cop telling the kid he heard him say “I’m going to shoot you” the kid immediately protests. “No I didn’t!” I said I’m going to sue you!” It seems the cop ran him down and tackled him. As well as kicked him in the testicles because they had trespassed. Which prompted the boy to threaten to sue in the first place. However this is not captured on the video.
There seem to be two bystanders who enter the situation. One of them did take a swing at the man who was VIOLENTLY DRAGGING a kid away and, pulling him over a hedge. He was acting to protect a kid. (According to news reports he was 15 years old and also a minor) The man in the man in the red sweat pants who jumped over the hedge also appears to be from the neighborhood. They both saw this happening and stepped in. And good for them. I would have done the same had I seen this happening in my neighborhood.

And let’s think about that. These are neighborhood kids the off duty cop is bullying and harassing, and ultimately firing his weapon at. Not strangers. The boy he is grabbing lives down the street from him… and still does.
When the The man pulled his gun out out of his pants and pulls that trigger while he was still holding on to that kid What kind of a coward even brings a gun out to deal with a bunch of kids on his lawn? I cannot understand how anyone could watch this and not just be absolutely horrified by this mans behavior.
After this incident the juvenile’s were arrested. The off duty cop was not.

At this time both juvineles have been released. But the officer has yet to be charged.

The incident sparked protests in the streets of Anaheim. With protesters chanting “Don’t Shoot the Kids!”

Anaheim has vowed a full and impartial investigation… I’ll keep my sarcastic quips on the likelihood of that out of this blog post…


*** EDIT: The boys step father may also be a police officer. So that investigation might just happen after all….

#anaheimshooting #anaheim

CNN-News Link

Washington Post – News Link
Fox 59 News Link with Video Interview from KTLA with mother of boy in video

KTLA – Local News Link

And then there was a riot in Sweden. 

February 21, 2017

So a few days ago Trump tells us about about the “incident in Sweden”. And last night an incident happened. 

First let me say I’m so sorry to hear about this. I’m also happy to see that it reported  no one was injured. Though it looks like a lot of property damage. 

I have a few thoughts I’d like to share…

The linked news article states that riot was triggered by an arrest, which caused a crowd of youths to gather. But they don’t know why this caused them to gather.

Perhaps this point seems miniscule. But I’m always curious as to exactly how these kinds of things get started.  It seems such a coincidence for this to be set off just days after Trump’s comments that I’d like to know EXACTLY what prompted this riot to escalate. Who was arrested. What were they arrested for? Why did this cause crowds to gather? These questions are not yet answered. 

I also think it’s interesting that the article states that the newspaper photographer was attacked, and his camera destroyed. However, he wasn’t hurt. So it seems the camera was the target. What did they not want documented? Ultimately no one was hurt or arrested but, the photographer was prevented from documenting, anything… Seems rather odd. But maybe that’s just me…

The third point is like to make is that Trump originally alerted us to the problems in Sweden because of a FOX news segment in which two Swedish policemen were interviewed. FOX news seems to be the one media outlet Trump has yet to call fake news. 

However the policemen in that segment have made statements disputing  it. One saying that his interview was taken out of context, and he was answering different questions entirely when giving the interview. 

The journalist defended his work. Saying he was “pretty sure” the policemen knew what the segment was going to be about… “Pretty Sure” doesn’t seem good enough to me…

Soooo… to recap

We’ve got the one Media source Trump says is “good” putting out a completely out of context news segment. Twisting the police officers words. 

And then we a few days later we have a riot in Sweden in which the photographer’s camera was smashed, but injuries or arrests were made, and we are unsure of what triggered it in the first place…

This all seems so coincidentally ODD to me…

The #SwedenIncident

February 19, 2017

February 17,2017

Yesterday Donald Trump held a campaign rally. Sure he’s been president for only a month, but doing the actual job seems to overwhelm him. He’s much better at going out and holding rally’s that only appeal to his basest of base voters. While simultaneously doing an excellent job of alienating and horrifying the vast majority of American people.

Trump doesn’t really care about anything but stroking his own ego and creating events that he can control the entire message and manipulate the content.
At yesterday’s rally he mentioned the “Little known incident” in Sweden.
The media quickly debunks theis. Even the government of Sweden issued what can essentially be interpreted as a “What are you talking about?” statement.
But none of this matters.
Trumps supporters believe it to be true.
Like gospel.

For to them Trump is like the second coming.

And that is what is so dangerous about Trump. He has convinced his base of supporters that there is no truth except his truth. No trusted source except for him and his trusted minions. When you’ve taught people to follow you blindly with no need for fact checking, critical thinking, or logic. It doesn’t matter what Trump is selling. They buy it hook line and sinker.